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BS 210 is a ink-coating product that provides waterproof and rust prevention at the edges of mirror.
The coating time is dramatically reduced compared to the edge coating method using existing IR and paraffin.
Hence, it is designed to improve productivity by simplifying the production process and minimizing the defective rate.


Excellent rust-prevention from silver, lead and copper
Excellent in water-proofing
Instant full curing
Increased production efficiency
Minimized ink consumption
Minimized defective rate


Water-proofing and
Rust-prevention of mirror edge


Edge of mirror

Product name BS-210
Colors Transparency
Substrates Mirror
Coating metdod Roll coat, Side coating machine
Lquid properties Viscosity 1000cps
Density  0.97g/㎤
Soild properties VOC 0%
UV does 110w/㎠
Gloss Gloss
Shrinkageon curing(SVR)Propert 100%

Warm Water Test

Constant temperature for 16hr after warm water at 60℃ for 8hr 10 time /pass
Humidity constant temperature for 16hr after the humidity at 60℃, 10 time /pass
Hydrocloric acid hydrocloric acid at 0.5% 48hr/pass
Salt solution salt solution at 0.5% 10days/pass Formalin (JIS A4401)
Soak in the formalin 10days/pass Adhesion(JIS A4401)
Close cutting test surface condition/good Oxygen soda oxygen soda at 20%
Alkali test NaOH1n 48hr/pass
Substrate : Mirror (primer)
Coating method : Side coating machine
Thickness – 50μm
Cure condition – 120w/㎠
Technical information is subject to change without notice.

Shelf Life

6months(temperature : approx. 25°c)

Storage Condition

Avoid uv light, sunlight and fluorescent light.
Store at approx. 25°c in the shade.

Packaging Unit 20kg

Safety Information

Avoid direct contact with the skin use safety glasses/goggles with uv protection, as needed
(may cause skin and eye irritation respiratory tract irritation minimal ingestion hazard)

For design to be molding onto plastic films. BE RF70/50 enable instant fabrication of various shapes and textures.
It is coating and designed to be molded onto PC film and PET film without primer.
Set up costs are minimal compared to similar performing molding resin.


Clear liquid
UV curing resin
Good demolding properties from metal, Ni molding
High hardness type
Good adhesive strength with PET (Poly-ethylene-terephthalate) film


Pattern molding of keypad
Scratch resistance and protective coating


Metal molds, Ni-mold

Molding Patterning

Mobile phone decoration, Key pad and Window Lens-Electronic decice decoration, Cosmetic case decoration, etc..

Coating Thickness : 200microns

Dispensing BS RF coating onto Mold