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BESTROOM’S OCR (Optical Clear Resin) is a product with high transparency and excellent adhesion and weather resistance.
Adhesive with harmonized refractive index improves the visibility of the display and reduces blur in bright external environments (ie. under sunlight).
OCR is specially designed for applications requiring transparency and invisible adhesion.
UV-curable optically transparent resin improves the brightness and clarity of liquid crystal displays, monitors, DID screens and kiosk panels by preventing the yellowing and improving the visibility of the LCD.
UV curable resin is used to bond various substrates such as glass, PET, and ITO with optically cured resin.


Yellow band at the edge of LCD does not occur
Discoloration is less affected to ultraviolet rays

  • Optical tape can be replaced with UV curable resin
  • Removal of air layer, same refractive index with cover glass
  • Improve brightness and contrast by reducing light scattering
  • External shock absorption and scattering prevention
  • Improved outdoor visibility, ROHS satisfaction & Halogen free


  • One component(no additives)
  • Fast curing
  • Flexibility
  • Bubbles free
  • Able to control viscosities
  • Improving thermal cycling
  • High optical clear
  • High yellowing resistance