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SMART VU FILM, known as switchable window(glass) film, is an electronic component that can actively adjust the penetration rate of solar light.
This is a new material that adjusts the penetration of visible rays according to the presence or absence of electricity.

PDLC film(glass) enables a  film to be transparent or opaque in both normal and reverse mode depending on ON / OFF operation using electrical signal.

PDLC mixture is laminated between two transparent conductive coated PET or glass. PDLC mixture is consisted of droplets of liquid crystal which contains bipolar alignment. This mixture is dispersed in a matrix prepolymer binder.

In the absence of an electronic field, the droplet director is randomly aligned and the refractive index of the droplet is mismatched with that of the prepolymer which causes the light to scatter. In this state, the film of the PDLC can be switched to an index matched and transparent state when the electric field which align the droplet director parallel, is applied.

Overview of the SMART VU FILM

Anti yellowing / Side view angle

World’s Only and First QUV test Certification acquired.
We have passed the QUV test to reproduce damage over several months, such as sunlight, rain, and moisture.
         – Accelerated Wethering Test Condition –
             – Exposure Time : 500 hour
             – Lamp Type : UVA-320 nm
             – Irradiance : 770mW / ㎡
             – Test Cycle : UV 8h at 60℃ -> Condensation at 50℃
Bestroom’s special Smart VU Film(Glass) was measured at YI 2.7 after 500hour exposure to ultraviolet light, Unlike other company’s PDLC film, which has progressed yellowing over time, we have confirmed that our film is not yellowng.

Excellent side view angle!
Smart VU Film contains unique technology that solves the disadvantages of conventional PDLC film by providing diverse viewing angle.

Flame resistance / Heat resistance

Acquisition of Flame Retardant Test Report (Specification: NF EN ISO 12 952) from a worldwide French testing laboratory.
Result: The index q with value of 4.6, can be used as an electronic curtain with a very good M rating [Acquisition of official test report]

Interpret the result
 MO(Non-flammable)  M1(Non-flammable)  M2(Non-flammable)
index q < 2.5 2.5 < index q < 15 15 < index q < 50

Heat resistant to 100 ℃ Smart VU Film
Our Smart Window Film is rugged, heat-resistant and operates at 100°C, but other companies’  films do not work with external heat at 50-70°C.
Our’s Smart VU Film can be used without any change in hot environment.

UV Protection / Energy Efficiency

99.9% UV protection complement UV protection function
Film blocks harmful UV rays and you can use it in various ways to suit your application. [Acquisition of official test report]

Excellent thermal insulation!
Smart VU Film consists of two sheets of ITO film.
ITO film enables the excellent insulation effect by reflecting the solar heat.[Acquisition of official test report]

Blind pattern

Switchable Window Film provides high efficiency with diverse function

Cells that can be separatedly and automatically controlled on a single window.
Turn off the upper side blind to block sunlight in the morning and the lower side when the privacy is needed.
You can design a window to demonstrate a pattern.

IoT connection through glass apps Smart Film

Developed IoT Coupled  App Controller Smart System
Bluetooth, wireless remote control, Wi-Fi combined application available